ORDIT Instructor Training Course

Our Driving Instructor Training Course will provide you with top quality dedicated 1:1 training [no car sharing] with our ORDIT registered trainer throughout parts 1, 2 and 3.
We deliver our training at selected meeting points throughout the North East from Newcastle/Gateshead in the north down to and including Teesside / Darlington.
Our course is tailored around each client as an individual, designed to deliver at a pace to suit [session timescales and advice on how to practise from our trainer must be adhered to]. This will allow you to continue around your current employment or progress at a quicker pace, again subject to trainer advice.
Course costs can be made in several ways. A one-off payment, saving you money or spread out over three instalments can be made. We also provide a Pay-as-you go option as an alternative, subject to conditions.
At this moment you may have doubts as to whether or not this is the career choice for yourself. If this is the case then please call us for a chat where we can perhaps arrange a “no strings” meeting to discuss any concerns that you may have about what is involved.

Contact Me for full Details of Course Prices

Part 1
This includes the latest books/CD-ROMs for Part 1 home study. The Part 1 training also includes free “Tutor support” over the telephone and/or email and three meetings at either customer home or selected meeting point to give guidance.

Part 2
This includes 12 hours of tuition for Part 2 inclusive of a Mock Test. [2 hour sessions x 6]

Part 3
This includes 40 hours of tuition for Part 3 as a minimum [DSA requirements] and supply of lesson plans/diagrams and workbooks. [4 hour sessions x 10]


Additional sessions for both Parts 2 and 3 at a cost of 30.00 per full hour
In the event of an unsuccessful attempt at either Part 2 or 3 [subject to following trainer’s advice regarding test readiness], a 2 hour session free of charge will be given to analyse the test result. Any subsequent sessions revert back to the previously stated charge of 30.00 per full hour.

Part 2 or 3 recovery sessions charged at 30.00 per full hour.

ADI Check Test Training charged at 30.00 per full hour, 25 if previously trained with M.E.C Driving Solutions.

Cardington/DIAmond Advanced Training charged at 30.00 per full hour.